Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well, Hello again!

I sure do stink at this!  It's been pretty busy lately, but really, thats not an excuse!

We haven't really done anything worthy of a blog post of its own in the last couple of weeks.  So sad I know!

We started our unit on American Symbols and I've been using the AMAZING worksheets/book suggestions from Kristin over at

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

I just have to say her blog is one of my very favorites to read.  Not only does she love Big Brother almost as much as I do, but she is so darn funny!  I always look forward to reading her posts for a good smile!

My very favorite post of hers is her Halloween Story.  Just FYI it's slightly graphic and there is some blood and gore (yes in the classroom!).  She basically lived through every teachers worst nightmare and came out laughing (years later of course).

So Kristin is basically my blog world hero.  I wish I could be like her.  I'm just really not that funny.

Hopefully there will be more/better updates to come!

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