Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home Free!

I made it!  I'm done!  Yippee!  (I feel like one of my kids!)

Today was AWESOME!  We wore our PJ's to school, watched the Polar Express, and ate junkfood, then I sent them home on their sugar high!

I did actually receive about 6 dozen cupcakes....I think next time I need to have a more specific sign up for food process!  We had SO much!  I gave each kiddo 2 big cupcakes, 1 mini cupcake, and 2 small chips ahoy cookies.  I sent 3 or 4 kids home with the entire box of cupcakes they brought!  Luckily my parents were very understanding.

On a not as exciting note- Somehow I got a yucky infection on my arm!  One of my kiddos siblings had a bout of ringworm, and now I have a circular itchy rash on my arm.  :(  I went to the local walk-in clinic and they gave me a cream to put on it.  Yuck, Yuck, double Yuck!  It would be just my luck to pick up something icky from a kid just before the holidays!

Anyone else gotten something icky from a kiddo?


  1. ewww Tinactin will kill it. Don't scratch it'll spread! lol Yay for your break.

  2. Our school barely allows food of any kind at our parties -- our parents have to sneak it in!!!!
    I thought I got the chicken pox from a kid but it turned out to be hives. From my own stress. But I think the kids caused it :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. OMG Kristin, I can totally see parents all Mission Impossible style with cupcakes!