Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday!  Yay!

I talked to my little challenge's mother on Thursday....she yes'd me to death and didn't care one bit that her darling is a behavior issue.  And then today her little one had a MELTDOWN.  She wouldn't take our Science Test, she got angry and colored on her desk with a pencil, once I took the pencil away she ripped up EVERY paper in her desk and left them on the floor, AND THEN she went and sat on the floor by her cubby and refused to go to specials with the rest of the class.  Luckily I am right down the hall from Spanish and was able to stand in the hallway and watch my kiddos walk there.  And I have to hand it to the rest of the class, they dealt with the crazyness with flying colors!  I called the school counselor in and she pulled her and talked to her for a while, and then the counselor and I had a chat about this child and the issues she's having at home.  We decided on a sticker chart behavior plan, where I'm looking for positives and adding stickers to her chart when I see them.  Little one and I had a sit on the floor and talk it out pow wow before the rest of the class came back from Spanish and we came up with some rewards for good behavior.  When she fills a row she gets to read a story to the class at the end of the day.  I asked her what prize she wanted when she filled up the whole chart and bless her heart her reply was "a lunch box."  So a pink sparkly lunch box it will be!  I think I'll go find one and keep it visible in the room as a reminder for her of the reward for her good behavior...and maybe i'll toss in a few treats for good measure.  :)  I always love the ones that are a challenge.

So on another note, Fridays mean Spelling Tests!  I got tired of the messy writing I couldn't read, so I created a fabulous spelling test template that has spots for all 15 of their words, plus their 5 bonus words. I also include dictation sentences on the back.  My favorite part though is at the bottom.  It has a handwriting rating!  It's great for giving them feedback and getting parents involved!

So here goes my first freebie- Hope it works!

Spelling Test Template 
Dictation Template

Hope you enjoy!

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