Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Little Guy and Scheduling

So we chose a name for the little dude!  His name is Dexter!  Which means I can still call him LD for short,  (Little Dexter, or Lizard Dexter).  We are getting into a routine, and I think he's pretty happy!  I'll never get used to dealing with the crickets- Yuck!, but other than that he's a pretty easy going pet!

I guess he had a long day while I was at school, because after his bath and dinner he fell asleep standing up on my hand!

Such a cutie!

Now on to Scheduling- Christina over at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class is overhauling her schedule and started a Linky to get ideas of everyone else's schedules.

My schedule this year is strange- it's VERY different from previous schedules, but it actually works out REALLY well.  I like it alot so far.

8:30-9:15- Science/Social Studies
9:15-9:55- Specials
9:55-10:05- Clean up desks from Sci/SS and get reading books out
10:05-10:10- Bathroom Break
10:10-11:15- Reading
11:15-11:45- Lunch
11:45-12:00- Recess
12:00-12:30- Language Arts, Handwriting, Writing
12:30-12:35- Bathroom Break
12:35-2:00- Math
2:00-2:20- Drop Everything And Read
2:20-2:30- Pack-up and Dismissal

At first I was very hesitant about having Science/Social Studies first thing in the morning, but it's worked out well.  It's nice because in the past Sci/SS always got pushed when something else came up, and most days we never even got to it.  By having it first thing in the morning it never gets skipped or overlooked.

Math gets a little rough at the very end of the day, but as long as I keep them moving and use lots of manipulatives they do pretty well.

What is your schedule like?  Link up at Mrs. B's class and share!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I think it's interesting that you put science and ss first... I'll be thinking about that. What a great way to make it a priority!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Class Blog