Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 So even though this week got off to a rough start with finding out my kiddos were terrible for the sub, it's definitely shown improvement as we've gone along!

I do have one kiddo who is going to be a she decided to put her chocolate milk in her water bottle (why the cafeteria supervisors let her do this I do not understand...) and then proceed to sit in my classroom and pour it into the cap and drink from the cap....Now of course I couldn't allow this, so I in my oh so sweetest teacher voice asked her to put it away....And was ignored...So then I tell her in my not so nice teacher voice her choice is to put it away or go to the office....and I still get ignored...SO I buzz the office and after waiting for 5 minutes for a response, they say they'll send someone to remove her....And so we go on learning and we just ignore her bad behavior, and eventually she brings me the bottle and begins participating....and then 20 minutes later our "safety coordinator" shows up and says, "You needed help?"....Oh yes, there is no exaggeration there, 20 minutes went by!  I'm glad it wasn't something super urgent!  So anyway, long story short, I guess I'll be conferencing with my little ones parents pretty soon to set up a behavior plan.

On to a more fun note, this week we learned about Greater Than and Less Than!  I LOVE this math topic!  I usually like it after we've, you know, learned our numbers...not on the third week of school, but I still love it non-the-less.  I've always taught GT and LT with the alligator or pac man, but somewhere on some wonderful blog I saw monsters!  I fell in LOVE!  So we practice with pac man monsters (the symbol, with a circle around it and then added some scary teeth), and we talked about how if Donovan had 5 cookies and Sukya had 2 cookies the monster was going to come after Donovan's cookies.  And then we all screamed like we were scared of the monster just for good measure!  After we practice we made Number Muncher Monsters!  It was so easy!  I just took a piece of construction paper and wrote two numbers on it....seriously, that easy!  Then the kiddos drew their GT or LT symbol, and then had free reign to decorate!  I got some seriously awesome monsters, its cool to see how higher level some of my kids were thinking, just from their drawings!  Here are a few:

Some of my more creative kiddos- the one on the right is my absolute favorite, there is a close-up of it a few down.

Another super cute one, this one didn't quite get the LT symbol, but did get the right direction!

This one is so cool!  The monster is holding the bigger number and if you look at its face you can see the GT symbol!

This one was just so neat!

My little one who was just transfered to me from the Bi-lingual class!  Pretty cool!

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