Friday, September 2, 2011


It's already Friday!  That first week of school went super fast!  My kiddos are picking up on my expectations pretty quickly, so it's looking like it will be a good year!  I've had a couple of little ones give me problems, but nothing major.

I think my two biggest goals this year are organization and classroom management (who doesn't have those goals though!).

With my ADD I really need to focus on the organization though.  I've been trying to keep lists and I've made a "teacher binder" that has EVERYTHING in my life in it!  I've also created a sub binder to keep all of that fun stuff organized, and I've been trying to straighten up my desk/classroom a little bit each day.  I always feel terrible when people walk into my room and see my piles of things everywhere.  They must think I'm the messiest teacher ever!  The truth is I tend to get distracted and set things down and wander off to do something else.  Today I stayed after school and cleared off my desk though.  I was proud of myself for that!  I've also been reading The Clutter-Free Classroom and trying to get some ideas there.

So I guess my goal of this post is to see what ideas for organization you have!  Any tried and true tricks to stay organized in a chaotic school??

Oh, and to finish the post I'll include my cupcake from this week!  We did a first grade lunch today, with a Mexican theme.  My cupcakes don't have a mexican theme, they were just yummy!

It's a chocolate cupcake with a Reese's Peanut Butter cup in the middle, Peanut butter frosting, and a Reese's Pieces on top!  Hopefully my team liked them and will let me make cupcakes again next week!!

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  1. Whoa! That cupcake is immense ^_^. I would be so happy to get one of those! As far as organization and classroom mgt goes, the bloggie blog world is the best resource. SO many great ideas...